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Radioeinbau Komplett Kit, Radioblende + Lenkradinterface + Ant. Adapter zu Porsche

Modell: Panamera 09>16

Einheit: Kit.

CHF 379.00 inkl. 8.1 MWST

Hinweis: Bitte überprüfen Sie die Gegebenheiten des Artikels mit jenen des Fahrzeuges um sicherzustellen das der Artikel passend ist.
Manufacturer Model Note Year From Year To Headunit Connection
Porsche Panamera MOST 25 Amplified vehicles 2009 2016 PCM 3.1 Quadlock (Fakra)


This complete professional installation kit for the Porsche Panamera contains all the accessories and cables you need to install an aftermarket stereo including a plug and play stereo interface for the retention of factory steering wheel controls, phone button functionality, USB and Aux functionality and retain the factory vehicle camera and MOST 25 amplified system. A high-quality fascia works to retain the aesthetics of your original dashboard and maintain the factory quality finish. If you are looking for a complete solution and peace of mind, look no further. Please note: this installation kit is for MOST 25 amplified vehicles only. The warning tones & parking sensor audio will still be active through rear/front speakers.

Features & Benefits

  • Upgrade to an aftermarket head unit and retain the OEM fit, finish and functionality of your vehicle
  • Retains steering wheel control functionality
  • Retains OEM MOST amplified system
  • Provides output feeds for Park Brake, Speed Pulse, Reverse Gear and Mute
  • Retains factory reverse camera (if vehicle is equipped)
  • Retains original vehicle settings
  • Retains phone button functionality
  • Retains factory USB input
  • Retains warning chimes
  • Retains AUX input
  • Kit includes universal patch lead and antenna adapter
  • This product has been developed through carefully documented data and research. Connects2 Ltd. cannot be held responsible for discrepancies/inconsistencies that may occur due to vehicle manufacturing changes or options, or damage that may occur in the vehicle during the installation of components. All application data is subject to change.


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