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Aftermarkt Kamera Adaption an OEM Headunit AUDI A4 Bj. 2008 > 2015

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Adaption für Nachrüst-Kameras an OEM Headunits zu Audi

Modell: A4 08>15, A5 07>15, Q5 08>15

Einheit: Stk.

CHF 420.00 inkl. 7.7 MWST

Hinweis: Bitte überprüfen Sie die Gegebenheiten des Artikels mit jenen des Fahrzeuges um sicherzustellen das der Artikel passend ist.
Make Model Model Note Years Headunit Connector
Audi A4   2008 - 2015 3 Basic 6.5" screen MMI 3G/3G+ 7" Screen OEM Specific
Audi A5   2007 - 2015 Concert, Symphony OEM Specific
Audi Q5   2008 - 2015 Concert, Symphony OEM Specific


The CAM-AU1-AD allows you to add in an aftermarket camera whilst retaining the use of your OEM head unit on various Audi models (For specific models please view Vehicle applications). This product is specifically tailored to allow the addition of a safety device with the OEM factory head unit where a factory input previously did not exist. Following the simple installation process the camera image can be automatically viewed on the OEM screen once reverse gear is selected or manually through the vehicle’s controls.

Product Specifications:
Factory head unit integration
Simple installation process
For vehicles without a factory camera input

Vehicle Application:
2008-15 Audi A4
2007-15 Audi A5
2008-15 Audi Q5


Fahrzeug Hersteller AUDI A4
Ab CHF 89.00 Warenwert