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Aftermarkt Kamera Adaption an OEM Headunit MAZDA 6 Bj. 2015 > 2021

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Adaption für Nachrüst-Kameras an OEM Headunits zu Mazda

Modell: 2 14>21, 3 14>18, 6 15>21, CX-3 14>21, CX-5 15>17, MX-5 14>21

Einheit: Stk.

CHF 50.00 inkl. 8.1 MWST

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Make Model Model Note Years Headunit Connector
Mazda 2   2014 – 2021   OEM Specific
Mazda 3   2014 – 2018   OEM Specific
Mazda 6   2015 – 2021   OEM Specific
Mazda CX-3   2014 – 2021   OEM Specific
Mazda CX-5   2015 – 2017   OEM Specific
Mazda MX-5   2014 – 2021   OEM Specific


The CAM-MZ1-AD is a rear-view camera integration system for use on various Mazda models (see vehicle applications for details). The product uses a male to female cable connection with camera input connection to connect the camera to the factory entertainment system This lead acts as a step between the vehicles original male and female connectors to allow an addition camera input connection. This allows the camera to be viewed automatically on the factory screen via reverse gear or manually through the vehicles on board controls. For use on NTSC vehicles only.

Product Specifications:
Rear View Camera OBD-Coder for Mazda
Allows rear view camera activation
Video Input cable Included
Compatible with NTSC Cameras only

Vehicle Application:
2014-21 Mazda 2
2014-18 Mazda 3
2015-21 Mazda 6
2014-21 Mazda CX-3
2015-17 Mazda CX-5
2014-21 Mazda MX-5


Fahrzeug Hersteller MAZDA 6
Ab CHF 89.00 Warenwert