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Lenkradinterface inkl. Lead zu BMW

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Hinweis: Bitte überprüfen Sie die Gegebenheiten des Artikels mit jenen des Fahrzeuges um sicherzustellen das der Artikel passend ist.
Manufacturer Model Note Year From Year To Headunit Connection
BMW X1 E84 2009 2015   Quadlock (Fakra)
BMW 1-Series E81, E82, E87 2004 2013 BMW Business Quadlock (Fakra)
BMW 3-Series E90, E91, E92 2006 2013 BMW Business Professional Quadlock (Fakra)
BMW 5-Series E60, E61, 2004 2010 BMW Business Professional Quadlock (Fakra)
BMW 6-Series E36, E64 2003 2010 BMW Business Professional Quadlock (Fakra)
BMW 7-Series E6* Variants 2001 2008 BMW Business Professional Quadlock (Fakra)
BMW Mini CAN-Bus Vehicles 2006 2013 BMW Business Professional Quadlock (Fakra)
BMW Z4 E89 Model 2009 2016 BMW Business Professional Quadlock (Fakra)


BMW Steering Wheel Control Interface for vehicles without iDrive and without amplifier. Yellow Permanent 12V Wire Must Be Connected Directly To Battery. Voice Assistant support available with software update (Part Number: SWCREFLASHER)

Features & Benefits

  • Allows you to upgrade to an aftermarket head unit whilst maintaining use of your factory steering wheel controls
  • Safety: Allows you to keep your hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road.
  • Plug and play, no cutting of wires required
  • Maintains the original features of the vehicle such as date, time and temperature display
  • Choose the relevant head unit connection lead according to the make of aftermarket head unit you wish to fit
  • For interfaces where phone buttons are supported, the following brands allow pick up/hang up in Bluetooth mode: Alpine, Clarion, Kenwood, Pioneer and Zenec. Please see icon list below to see if this interface supports phone buttons.
  • Please check the connections in the vehicle match the harness you are purchasing
  • This product has been developed through carefully documented data and research. Connects2 Ltd. cannot be held responsible for discrepancies/inconsistencies that may occur due to vehicle manufacturing changes or options, or damage that may occur in the vehicle during the installation of components. All application data is subject to change.


Artikel Hersteller Connects2
Headunit BMW Business
BMW Business Professional
Connection Quadlock (Fakra)
Fahrzeug Hersteller BMW 6er
BMW 1er
BMW 7er
BMW 3er
BMW Mini
BMW 5er


Manual CTSBM005.2 english
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