DAB+ Vollintegration (Tuner)

DAB+ Vollintegration Tuner zu MERCEDES R-Klasse (W251) Bj. 2005 > 2013 mit Audio 20

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DAB/ DAB+ Vollintegration Tuner über MOST Systems

passend zu diversen Audi, BMW, Landrover, Mercedes, Mini und Porsche

Einheit: Stk.

CHF 445.00 inkl. 8.1 MWST

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The mObridge MOST DAB/DAB+ product is the most advanced DAB platform available on the market today supporting Mercedes, BMW, Porsche,Landrover & Audi.

Utilizing the latest DAB/DAB+ technology the mObridge MOST DAB features everything the users expects with full category and channel browsing as well as presets.

The mObridge DAB solution utilises a powerful Digital Signal Processor which allows the DAB unit to correctly process the digital audio from the DAB chip to synchronize onto the MOST fiber optic network of the vehicle.  Without the use of a digital signal processor all other solutions are using basic "analog to digital" converters which we feel defeats the purpose of having digital radio available.  mObridge engineers it's solutions correctly to the highest standard of design.

In addition to this we have added a 12V antenna feed that uses a step up regulated power supply so we are not relying on the vehivle 12V battery levels.  By doing so we have achieved the cleanest signal possible for the best possible reception.

The mObridge DAB solution also offers DIP switches allowing installers to quickly configure the units to fit specific vehicle applications.  There is no need to stock mutiple SKU's when you have mObridge!

As always you can USB software update the MOST DAB units via the mObridge Wizard.

Features :

Blackfin DSP processor

The DAB platform for MOST now contains a dedicated Digital Signal Processor.  The added complexities of handling MOST digital audio coupled with mObridge's expertise in DSP processing have allowed us to have far more control over the routing and control of the audio stream from the DAB chip to the MOST network.

Software Updates

The MOST DAB solution provides a USB port for easy software updates.

Active Antenna Feed

The MOST DAB solution contains a 12V regulated antenna feed that we derive from a step up power supply.  This means that we do not rely on the vehicles 12V battery source which is quite 'noisy'.  By using a step up power supply solution we have provided the cleanest possible power source for the antenna allowing for much better reception.


  • Full integration into the vehicles radio.
  • Operates through all of the existing phone controls in the vehicle.
  • Adds Ensemble and Channel Control with track info capability
  • Adds channel preset capability
  • USB port for easy software updates
  • SMB M DAB Antenna Connector
  • 12V regulated antenna feed
  • Digital Signal Processing for MOST fiber ioptic audio synchronization

Kit Includes:

  • MOST DAB Control Unit
  • Quick Start manual.
  • Wiring harness for plug and play connection to the vehicle.
  • Fiber optic 'T' piece
  • The antenna is not included in the kit and is sold separately




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